Our world is a realm of elegance, style, and luxury. Along with the delicate features of our surroundings, we encompass a movement of power, the power to create a lush and sophisticated affair for our loved ones and ourselves.

An elaborate idea begins with the small details. A romantic evening stroll beneath the stars and moonlit sky, a warm savory breakfast early in the morning, or a delicate kiss behind the ear while waiting for a taxi in the rain… 

We deeply understand your need to celebrate the single most important day of your life the best way possible. We know that the keys to every successful relationship are love and mutual trust, and that the starting point of an everlasting love is the marital union. 

Being the foundation for a forever romance is the reason we dedicate ourselves to the creation and design of luxurious and stylish weddings and events, specifically for clients who dare to dream big and experience intense emotions.

Our vision is to work with couples that recognize the importance of their dreams’ implementation and are willing to become a part of an unforgettable and remarkable event.

As a boutique event and wedding planning company, Stefanotis Events believes that each wedding is the reflection of the couple’s story. Our primary purpose is to ensure this reflection stays untouched by time.


We hope we are able to make you feel like home. We aspire to build a strong bond of trust, offering you a spectacular result for the most special day of your life and a high-end celebration you and your guests will always remember. We all want to experience something great! Be the catalyst to your elaborate idea by beginning with the first small detail and connect with us. We look forward to partnering together and shaping your vision into a reality. 



“Elegance is a discipline of life. It is the beauty that never fades. This is my ultimate goal.”

As of 2014, my utmost motivation, when I founded the event and wedding planning company Stefanotis Events, was to empower people all around the world to enjoy their unique magical moments, whether in Greece or abroad, by planning their ideal event. With my attention to detail, creative mind, and devotion to the finest result, I provide couples who desire to get married, or any person who wishes to take delight in having the perfectly choreographed occasion, the opportunity to enjoy an extravagant celebration.

After deciding on a career change from finance to event planning, I have never doubted my decision. I am a graduate from the American College of Greece with a BSc in Economics from the University of Athens and a MSc in Finance from the University of Piraeus. My past dedication to achieve high academic success in my studies, combined with my variety of life experiences, have allowed me to proudly offer high-quality services to each person who dreams to be a part of a unique and luxurious moment – to enjoy the most special day of their lives to the fullest. 

Planning events is not just a job for me. It is my passion, the air I breathe, and my constant thought. I am always looking for new inspiration to influence my next creative idea. I am committed to evolving as a lifelong learner to enhance my skill set which is why I studied Event Management in University of Athens and I continue to enroll in classes and seminars about design and history of art.  

For me, the initial inspiration for starting Stefanotis Events came from my parents, and most specifically from observing my father’s successful venture in the business world, and from witnessing my mother’s artistic endeavors as a painter. However, my journey truly began following one of my many travel experiences around the world, when I visited the USA in 2010. 

After closely observing the wedding event industry in New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii, I truly fell in love with the idea of planning and organizing events, especially weddings. Furthermore, while in the USA, I was asked by a friendly couple of mine to plan their wedding day. My free spirit and focused mind helped me deliver a beautiful and well-received final result, and that was the moment when I decided to build my own company that could offer the best final product, while providing my clients with the artistic touch that makes an event unforgettable.

From that moment on, I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue with my life. 

Two reasons exist for why I love my job – my creativity has a place to develop and grow, and every day I am fortunate to interact with a variety of engaging people. I cherish my couples and I relish their love stories. I will undoubtedly get sentimental every time I watch my bride walk down the aisle, every time I listen to a parent’s carefully rehearsed speech, and every time I gaze adoringly during my couple’s first dance as husband and wife. When I look into their eyes and I am witness to the love and devotion they share for one another, I imagine I hear their collective thought “we did it” Knowing I was a part of creating such an intimate moment for someone else is always a personal thrill, and provides me with an enormous sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. I would not change the experience for anything. 

My many years of experience as a business consultant developed and perfected my organizational skills, while my overflowing creativity led me to create a company offering refined and exquisite occasions providing passionate moments for my clients and memorable experiences for the attendees.

My team and I are available to you and your guests, with the promise to expertly guide you each step of the way in order for you to enjoy every part of your planning journey with the guarantee of a truly elegant and glamorous wedding day or special event.


Our name “Stefanotis” is a combination of the Greek word “stefana” which means wreaths and the flower stephanotis, which is the traditional, now and forever, bridal flower. Stephanotis is a little cluster of flower in the shape of star. It is the ultimate symbol of marital happiness and is considered good luck for the newlyweds. That is why it is  choose for the bridal bouquet, by the royals, ever since the Victorian Age.