your dream becomes
our dream!

Creating memorable events tailored to each client’s style and personality.

Since our very beginning, we make sure we provide our clients with exactly what they need: high-quality services that mark the best final result possible. Our devotion to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for the organization of the perfect event for you are the qualities that make us stand out.
We offer you an imaginative wedding, a graceful christening, or an outstanding private event that will make your heart skip a beat. You and your guests will have the privilege of enjoying a magnetic reception where everything runs smoothly and you are the star of the day!
Do not miss the chance to create something everlasting for you and your loved ones. Trust us.


There is nothing more important than creating life. However, for us, creating a fantastic christening event for your child is maybe the only thing that can be compared. We work with leading creatives and vendors and we ensure that each element and detail is never random. Your child deserves a well-organized and planned christening, which will stand out and remind you and your offspring of this special day for the rest of your days.


With a sense of elegance and a devotion to excellence, we are preparing for you and your better half a remarkable wedding day that will stay in your mind and heart forever. Your marital union can be so much more than beautiful flowers and an outstanding wedding gown. It can be full of flair, romance, and opulence, while we make sure we narrate the fairytale of your life until the ultimate final result.

P R I V A T E  E V E N T S

Maybe you do not want to get married in Greece or to have the christening of your child. Maybe all you need is to share your love and your own success story with a tasteful, unique, ultimately chic kind of way. We promise to create a marvelous and majestic private event for you, with absolute discretion and excellent service. Bring your guests into a world of fine art and style, where everything works perfectly and you are the star of the day. To learn more, contact us.



Based on your personal design inspiration and ideas we develop a customized plan and color pallet. Your furniture and rentals, linens, fine China, glasses and cutlery, lighting environment, installations, and special decor styled and curated by us. We include welcome gift acquisition and hand packaging. We supervise the overall look of invitations and stationary (programs, escort cards, table numbers, menu cards, thank you notes, etc). We also help you with the floor plan, the seating chart and are responsible for providing your guests high quality party favors. Surprises and unique details are also important to create an unforgettable bespoke event.


Our team is here to guide you through all the fine lines and practical matters of your wedding day. Together we will go through all available venues for your event but also accommodation venues and transportation for you and your guests. We will come forward with a spreadsheet for your daily budget needs and we will be responsible for managing the payments along with reviewing quotes and contracts. Feel free to relax and enjoy your day as we will be here to take care of all matters, from welcoming your guests and guiding them through the timetable, to overlooking that everything is running smoothly at the ceremony and the party that will take place later on.


We take pride in collaborating with the wedding business finest professionals. We have collaborated with people in the industry that have experience and undeniable talent no matter what kind of wedding you are thinking of having. We hand pick the ones we recommend based on our high standards for quality of work, aesthetics and professionalism. Of course our clients are the ones to make the final decision, that’s why we take our time into choosing exactly who is right for them. It is your dream day coming to life so let’s do this together!