España & Italia

Our beautiful couple Mercè and Kostas was a bi-cultural couple that traveled from London, UK to get married in Athens. The bride was of Spanish – Catalan heritage and the groom of Italian heritage and they decided to incorporate all their traditional cultural elements into the wedding. Two cultures so vast and charming that we have simply fallen in love! Their union was absolutely fascinating! They had a formal traditional Catholic wedding ceremony in a Catholic church in Athens and guests were offered a personalized program in order to allow everyone to participate more effectively, with a breakdown of the ceremony’s proceedings. The reception was held in a gorgeous venue in the Athenian Riviera, Island Art and Taste and consisted of an extravagant meal, followed by a long night of partying, dancing and plethora of drinks! Our couple made a grand entrance where the guests threw rose petals to them.

Merce & Konstantinos

During the reception, as a thank you, the bride and groom handed out wedding favors to family members and friends while everyone was dancing and shouting “Viva la novia” having the time of their lives! The live band that we had, The Groovers, with their amazing vibe made it impossible for the guests not to kick off their shoes and dance. The extraordinary thing about this wedding was the fact that we achieved the perfect combination of a truly elegant, extremely formal event full of emotional traditions and at the same time a crazy fiesta, where everyone, and I mean everyone, had the most amazing energy and partied all night long!!

Concept, design & planning: Stefanotis Weddings

Photography: Anastasios Filopoulos