Antigoni and Apostolis decided to get married in a beautiful location in the Athenian coastline, at Ble Azure, a natural peninsula surrounded by trees offering the most magnificent view of the summer sunset. The bride looked sophisticated but ultra- sexy in her sheer lace Vrettos Vrettakos wedding dress and the groom looked extremely sharp in his custom Mi-Ro suit. They both looked like rock stars, two rock stars from different backgrounds but with the same mindset, who fell in love and created the perfect love story. 

For the wedding design we wanted to bring a marine wedding theme to life without making it too obvious, since we were right next to the water but we also wanted to incorporate the colors of the natural surroundings.


So we chose nacre, the mother of the pearl and its basic colors. Petrol, pink and ivory where our main colors and nacre dinner plates were the main elements of our table design. The wedding reception was elegant but fun. We had a car bar station and an amazing live band, Bejeezus. First entered the wedding party, bridesmaids and groomsmen with matching outfits, and then the couple made a grand entrance by walking in a path created by ground fireworks. The most emotional moment was their first dance as a married couple, where you could easily see their special bond, their love and their chemistry.

Concept, design & planning: Stefanotis Weddings

Photographer: George Michalas