She was beautiful and kind deep down to her soul, he was the epitome of a gentleman. They were both such strong personalities and at the same time extremely sentimental and sweet. Greek elegance met British refined style and together they created a unique match that became a true inspiration. The theme was smart casual, natural and classic. They chose a wedding venue (Melissourgos Tower) that suited them completely, a magical tower with long history and very exclusive philosophy. The bride was a Greek goddess in a custom wedding gown by Christos Costarellos. We welcomed the guests with a refreshing homemade lemonade and a tour around the tower.


For the couple’s mixed ceremony the guests were offered a personalized program in order to allow everyone to participate more effectively, with a breakdown of the ceremony’s proceedings and a translation of the traditional vows. The reception dinner under the olive trees with fairy lights cascading overhead, was a truly heart-warming experience. We used long tables for a more intimate atmosphere. For the table decoration we blended neutral, earthy tones and sunflowers for a natural romantic feel. For the wedding favors the guests were given perfectly potted succulents and a warm homemade loaf of bread as a pre dinner snack and Greek olive oil dips. Luckily, bread can be as pretty as it is tasty, so it served as an edible décor element. After the extremely emotional speeches, we had the cake cutting and of course the party started. Everyone enjoyed the dance floor until early morning hours. It was all about music, Greek traditions paired with English flair and the perfect lighting. Jacobo Pachon beautifully captured this amazing wedding experience.

Concept, design & planning: Stefanotis Weddings

Photographer: Jacobo Pachon