They say that it is unbelievable luck to find one’s soulmate. I say it is a blessing and it is given for a reason. Our beautiful couple, Nikoletta and Vasilis, saw their soulmates in each other’s eyes and proved that fairy tales really do come true.  

They chose to have their wedding ceremony in a magical location, Palazzo Cavalli, in Venice, Italy with a few family members and friends. The couple dedicated some time for a photo shoot while enjoying a gondola ride along the grand canal and spent a few relaxing days enjoying each other’s company before meeting with the rest of their guests.


The party that followed was huge and dazzling. It had 400 guests and it took place at the Golf Privé club in Athens, Greece. Nikoletta was ravishing in her show-stopping Vrettos Vrettakos gown, which truly matched her personality and aesthetics. Accordingly the wedding decoration was a reflection of her glamorous style. In addition to their multi-tiered cake, we also designed a stunning dessert table full of cakes, cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, all decorated in sugar flowers, in shades of gold and white. How’s that for a fairytale’s sweet ending?

Concept, design & planning: Stefanotis Weddings

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